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Having a baby is exciting and you have lots of questions and need tons of "stuff" for you new little one and for yourselves。

Find tips for baby showers and christenings here, plus cute and practical baby shower gifts.

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Pregnant mom clip art - click for free clip art collection, babies and expecting a baby clip artFree gifts available for expectant parents, adoptive parents and new babies.


Party Printables

Party Planner


Baby Shower Clip Art

Baby Scrapbook Goodies

Baby Bump Clip Art 

Baby Girl pink shoes graphicIts a boy blue baby shoes clip art



Baby Shower Themes, Planners and Party Kits

If you're planning a baby shower, make it easy on yourself - choose a baby shower theme from the many ready-to-use party box kits available.

Add some fun for guests and expectant mom and/or dad with printable, personalized Baby Shower Games, then relax and enjoy the baby shower!

baby carriage baby shower graphicBaby Shower Party Kits

Baby Bliss, Mod Mom, Mommy Chic, Sweet Pea, Cubicle Shower, Stroller Fun, Baby Love and many more cute and hip shower theme party in a box packs - click here to see the great selection of baby shower theme kits!

Baby Shower Party Banners









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