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By Lee Hansen

Make some fun and easy Valentine crafts with your kids - save money with home made Valentine cards and decorations.

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Heart flutter flies and Cupid coloring page printableColoring Pages for Valentine's Day

Print, color, decorate and cut out these free printable Valentine coloring book pages to make Valentine Cards, posters and decorations.

Poetry Stones

Decorated smooth stones with painted or glued on words make great gifts or game parts。

poetry stones craft

This easy craft also works well with seashells that you collect at the shore。

Simply wash, dry thoroughly and paint (unless you have a collection of white rocks).

Glue on words or write with permanent marker, then coat with clear fingernail polish or craft sealer to preserve colors。

Padded Hangers Craft Project

Make softly padded hangers for hanging your clothes in the closet from old wire clothes hangers or plastic hangers.

Wrap each hanger with strips cut from used plastic shopping bags, tape ends securely, then wrap the whole thing again using decorative ribbon or fabric scraps to cover the plastic strips.

5 Easy Crafts Made with Recycled Cards

It's amazing the things you can make for almost no money - and to make them even better, they use recycled materials so they help the planet.

This article will teach you how to make 5 different crafts from recycled greeting cards。

Kiss print, lips lipstick mark clip art Be My Valentine word art script type graphic Vintage Valentine - Rose Bud Baby picture


三亚赌博送彩金Free Scrapbook Borders and Clip Art - Lee Hansen Graphics

Print and Cut Kids' Valentines

Cute kitty be my valentine printable valentine card or clip artUse these cute printables to paste onto card stock to make Valentine Cards or simply cut out each graphic along guide lines and have children sign their name on the back of each picture - Kids Instant Valentine cards.

Valentine Printables

Valentine postmark clip art

三亚赌博送彩金 with games for kids, teens and a special selection of games for adults only - includes these games and many more! Here are just a few sample titles:

The gives you 22 fantastic printable party games for just $19.95!

About the Author

三亚赌博送彩金Lee Hansen publishes Pastiche Family Portal, an award-winning web magazine for families of all stages, and , a crafts and printables web site filled with exclusive graphics, projects, templates and tips. The family-friendly content is totally free for personal use or use by schools, clubs, churches and other non-profits for class activities.

Lee also designs crafts you can make with her original clip art and coloring book pages for all ages.

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