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Since the energy crisis of the 1970's, Earth Day has been a worldwide celebration and renewed commitment to ecology, conservation, and the protection of our environment - green living for everyday life.


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Earth Day Crafts & Resource Links


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Free Recycle Poster!

Free Recycle Poster - click to print

New Gifts from Your Castoffs

Recycle Holiday Cards

ǶIJͲʽHow to Make Bath Salts in Decorated Recycled Containers

Paper Plate Crafts

Free Printable Earth Day Coloring Pages

The Earth Day celebration was first celebrated on the Vernal Equinox; it generally occurs around April 22 each year, and the day still focuses on conservation, , , recycling and global climate issues.

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Earth Day Printables

Earth Coloring Page

Earth Day Clip Art and Photographs

You can learn the latest information and facts about global warming and its impact on our world at the , where you can sign up for activities, organize Earth Day festivals in your community, or join activists promoting peaceful change to protect our environment. .

for learning resources - a free environmental curriculum for kids.

for cool pictures and video of the earth (like the one above) and life on earth resources for learning about global warming and conservation

recycle symbol - green living, conservation imageEarth Day Resources

  • Earth Day Coloring Pages
  • Green Crafts
  • - Take Home Kit at US EPA
  • Visit for activities, local events, resources & info
  • - Earth Day lesson plans for classroom or home school use
  • Stonyfield Farm teaches kids about organic and sustainable farming and healthy whole foods
  • Take the - how do you measure up?
  • Climate Change - Read the on what it means to everyone
  • Check you community's

Recycling Crafts & Cool Art Stuff

You can make padded hangers, framed pictures, decorative cards, tags, gift boxes, collages and more with cast off "stuff" from your home or office.


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