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If your local school gets hit with a mini-epidemic of stomach bug or other contagious ailments, the children are out of the classroom (and at home or with a caregiver) an average of four days in quarantine away from the routines of school.

Four days or a week or more of missed lessons can really impact a child's progress in the classroom. Here are some tips for helping your child complete make up school work at home while recovering from illness.

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Mom, I feel sick ...

Helping Kids Make Up School Work When They're Sick at Home

Returning to school after a week's worth of the flu or any other illness is hard on everyone - kids, parents, teachers and caregivers.

三亚赌博送彩金 The child is probably still feeling tired from the bout of sickness, and he or she has lost some learning momentum thanks to those consecutive days away from the routine of the classroom and structured lessons。

To compound the problems of missed lessons and the physical impact of being ill for several days, on the first day back in the classroom a student will probably be handed a stack of makeup work to complete in class or at home。

That's enough of a burden to make anyone feel ill all over again.

Here's a simple 5-step plan for helping your child recover his or her classroom mojo after an extended absence from school due to illness or family emergency.

  1. Get a package of makeup work right away for your child to work on while out of school. Contact the school each day to request an assignment list and have your child work on easier subjects for about 20 minutes at a time several times a day.
  2. Before your child sees the work packet, look it over and familiarize yourself with the topic and assignments so you can explain them if your child has questions.
  3. Be a helper but don't do the work. Copy math problems onto lesson paper. Read aloud from books or worksheets and let your child answer orally then write down his or her answers to copy over after you finish.
  4. Provide assistance that helps your student with the learning process without circumventing the lesson objectives. Contact the teacher and ask for guidance; see if there are any assignments or worksheets that can be eliminated, abbreviated or have less priority and save those for the end of the child's confinement.
  5. If possible, keep your child home an extra day so he or shee can complete the makeup work. The extra day of rest before a return to the full classroom routine will help rebuild your child's resistance and confidence; that final day of missed classroom activity can be devoted to finishing up missed lessons and make up work; it won't be interrupted by daily school activities that, while necessary, would take time away from getting makeup work completed.
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