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Find safe, entertaining, cool and clever sites and apps for teens and tweens in this section of Hot Topics for Teens and Tweens.

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Learning History through Pictures

Visit for an entertaining and educational visit to our past. Learn through images and exercises about the American Experience. Picturing Modern America presents historical thinking exercises for middle and high school students - also fun for adults!

Safe Teens Online

Kim Komando is a great family resource of computer information with something for everyone! Check out Kim's free 10 Commandments for Kids to keep 'em safe, and sign up for Kim's tips or newsletter to learn how to take care of your home computer yourself。

. Kim's got great tips for computer users of all ages and levels - that's why she's America's Digital Goddess!

Also check out these online resources:

Leet or LeetSpeak - 1337 or 13375p34k - Texting Symbols Reference

a 4 or @ or /-\ k |< or /< u you skillz skills
b 8 or |3 l | or 1 or ! u |_| or (_) or |_| or v or () u2 you too
c ( or ¢ or k m |\/| or ^^ or |v| or /\/\ v / or \/ or < w00t woohoo
d <| or [) or |) n |\| or <\> or /\/ w // or \/\/ or \^/ or (n) or \V/ cya see you
e 3 or & o 0 or ¤ x >< or xx lol laugh out loud
f l= or ph p |^ or |* or |o or 9 y '/ or `/ or V/ or ¥ or % '/ < 3 heart
g 6 or 9 or & q 9 or (,) z 2 or S pir parent in room
h # or [-] or {=} r |2 or P\ n00b newbie pr0n or pron porn
i 1 or & or 3y3 s 5 or $ or z l8r later pos parent over shoulder
j ,| or _| or ; t 7 or + r0x0r rocks    

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